As you all can see from the above, yes, that's my wedding invitation card. Yes, I designed it. Yes, it's cheap (RM0.50 per piece). Yes, we printed on gold color paper to make it look less cheap. Yes, we ran out of time to mail to everybody. Yes, we started late because we were busy with our own work. Yes, our workloads are taking too much of our time and add to our stress and subsequently, to less time preparing all those work related to this wedding in an organized way. And the biggest yes is, I can design this cheap card for you for an attractive price, according to your specification and you bet that you'll be tempted because like us who went around town peering at card designs, the cheap looks cheap and the expensive ones are nice but too expensive. After all, you are talking about living in KL.

Well, our original plan is to develop a special blog dedicated to our upcoming wedding whereby you can fill in your name and print the invitation card yourselves, chat with us etc. In truth and reality, we just don't have the time. Or we're too busy settling other stuffs. Believe me, doing wedding preparations are soooo exhausting. At times, we just wish we could fast forward time like in the movie 'Click' just to get over these exhausting preps.

Let's see whether I could answer one or two questions posed to us:

1. Are we going to have a reception in KL? We are considering based on how much is left in our fast depleting savings. Anyone who wish to make donations is hugely welcomed.

2. How many hantarans? Both of us are extremely kedekut. So he'll be getting 5 gifts for me and I'll reciprocate with 7 gifts. I wish to give just 5 gifts because I'm a strong believer in an apple for an apple (yes, one of the gifts will be apple), but my aunts wouldn't hear of that.

3. Whereabout honeymoon? Since I got 50% discount coupons for selectable hotels, we may end up utilizing those coupons.

4. Bersanding ke tak? Nope. We both agree we'd rather nikah in a sampan in the middle of the river behind my grandfather's house than bersanding.

5. What color is my wedding baju and what style? Aiyo. So kepoh. I'm not Siti Nurhaliza ok?

6. Can we get free flight tickets to attend your wedding? Do we look like we are related to Mr Idris Jala or Datuk Tony Fernandes?

7. Last but not least, on the question, 'Why Carneyz, Why??' Well, dude, we want to set up a non-violent organization that spreads love and lotsa love. Is that good enough for you?