Last week I was in JB on a working trip. Suffice to say, as the date loomed nearer, we were rushing at break-neck speed to prepare for everything that needs to be done before we leave. So far, we had managed to buy a few important household items, fit in carpet and tikar getah at home which took the whole day, bought wedding stuffs, and tried not to bite off each other's heads no matter how cranky we became due to exhaustion.

Alhamdulillah that we had the sensibility to start joint savings a few months ago that we could afford to buy household items by cash. Even little things like a shoe cabinet and some other stuffs also managed to drain us off a few hundred ringgits. (Note to myself: Have to find more Datuks n Datins to distribute cards to and in return get a few hundred ringgits angpow) A friend suggested that I apply for personal loan to settle buying for the house as well as to cover the wedding expenses but I don't ever foresee a need to do that.

Anyway, as I had feared and fretted about earlier on, everybody grinned in that annoying way when they spotted me.

'Wah, bakal pengantin... berseri2.'
(In my heart) Shut up! Shut up! *but instead smile embarrassedly* 'Mana ada. Biasa je la.'
To cut the teasing short, I hid behind my laptop screen, pretending to be so engrossed with my work that I didn't hear anything.

Lunch hour came and I rushed to meet my ex-roommate in first year, Eve. The moment she saw me, she grabbed me in a deadlock grasp,

'Why are you getting married??'
>> Why everybody ask me this question?

We ordered lunch, then sat at two sofa at the end of the cafe facing each other. A series of girly & private Q&A ensued and always punctuated with, 'I heard it hurts' later, and we finally sighed.

'I can't believe you're getting married before me,' she said reproachfully.
'I can't believe I'm getting married in three weeks' time.' I agreed with her. Then I grabbed my cheeks and pinched them hard. I'm getting married that soon?? Three weeks? Not three months? Not three years? But three weeks? Soon it'll be three days? I'm getting married in three days?? In three hours? Three minutes? Three seconds? How could it happen??

We both almost shrieked.
'I hope my mom doesn't find out,' she said, 'else she starts to wonder when I'm getting married!'

Sipped at straw.

'How do you know he's the one?'

This is the question we always throw at each other since we met. We were always fantasizing about The One and always tried to describe how The One would be and look like. For some reasons I couldn't really explain, my answers were always:

'Tall, fair, Chinesey look, hair parted in the middle, can make me laugh, can handle my tantrums. Sarawakian.'

And four years later, voila! Like he had been delivered by post order at my doorstep. Amazing huh.

Back to the question. If she had asked me months ago, I wouldn't know. Yeah, I know I love him but I wouldn't know whether he's the one. But I'm not going to tell it here how I knew. I think it's private and indescribable but the feeling just suddenly pop! appears there at the core of your heart. Does it sound sappy? Yes it does to me.

'Things happen. You know he loves you sincerely and wholeheartedly. You know la. Then you wake up and it's like a revelation. Yes, I've found The One in him.'

Eve looked intrigued but she asserts with me. When lunch time was over, we hugged each other goodbye and promised to meet up again during Christmas at her house. Something hit me, that almost made me retched violently.

'Eve, by that time, I'll be a Puan. How terrible!'