I know everybody is anxiously waiting for Msjbox to return to normal again. Enough messages of 'Congratulations! When can we have our Msjbox back?' tell me that girl, whatever your wedding is like, the most important thing is we need to know when we can use Msjbox! Give us our Msjbox!

Oh, all right fellas. Stay cool and calm. Chill it. I was just joking *wink*

The sad truth is, Msjbox is down because *let me try to explain as best as I could since I am not the SME (subject matter expert) here* the current bandwidth couldn't support the traffic and so the service provider has demanded for more money to, I suppose, upgrade the server *scratch my head* or whatever *must always punctuated my sentence with this term when in doubt*.

In conclusion, the Msjbox creator a.k.a. Junaidix a.k.a. my dearest Beloved *blush* (no more 'Biarlah Rahsia', the moment we posted the wedding invitation) and myself, after our wedding has diminished our accounts considerably, will not be able to resuscitate Msjbox for the moment until we top up our account again.


Yes *nod sadly*. I guess everyone including myself will have to wait until we manage to crawl out of poverty to pay the fees imposed by the service provider in order to get Msjbox to operate again, back to normal. Wish us luck, everyone.

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