I put off writing about how my other CLK (Cute Little Komputer) had been badly hurt by ahem, somebody I know, for several days because I got really upset if either two of my CLKs (the bike and the computer) got in trouble.

So when I'm upset, whatever I write will be of something I will regret once I've cooled off, so I'd rather not risk it. I once wrote about how I was so upset with my closest bunch of friends when I was in that 'so upset' mood, and we ended up not talking for months while I pretended that I was ok not on speaking term with them (I was not ok and I really, really regretted my spur-at-the-moment action. Damage is done, anyway).

This is what happened that fateful night. It was Monday, a really bad Monday anyway. I hate Mondays.

As I was busy sewing up the hems of my new pair of trousers, my Suami Terchenta decided to play games on my laptop. Having access to my computer password, he helped himself to my account and when he got in, as usual, the annoying updates balloon popped up. I usually ignore the updates because when I bought my laptop, it came with not-so-original Windows OS so there's a risk that something bad will happen when I installed the updates on my counterfeit OS.

Because I was busy sewing, I didn't notice he had opened the alert and told me, 'Hey, there's so many updates here you didn't install! I install ya?' And he clicked on the Install button.

I was not worried because I trust his judgement as the programmer and deals a lot with IT stuffs. He should know better than I do, right?

Five minutes later, he said, 'Eh, how come the laptop keeps restarting itself?'

I looked up and to my horror, my CLK was behaving erratically. As if in slow motion movie, I slowly opened my mouth and let out a deep slow bellow, 'NnnnnnnNNooOOOO!'

That night he slept late because he tried to fix the problem (my Windows XP Professional is gone and some of the functions couldn't work properly) even though I kept asking him to just put it off to the next day. Poor Suami Terchenta.

So until today, I couldn't activate my wireless device which is a great inconvenience to me throughout my trip out of town, which is a pity since for a change, I was early to the airport which offers free WiFi and I couldn't access it.

Of course I forgave my Suami Terchenta but if he asked me, 'Eh, I install the updates ok?' again in the future, I will immediately throw myself on top of it to protect it from any invasion. Huhu...!

P/S: Perhaps my CLKs have issues with Suami Terchenta. The bike got into accident and the computer crashed itself. But they always behaved wonderfully when I was using them :p What do you guys think??

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