Recently, we have been exploring the idea of getting part-time jobs that we can fit in-between our hectic work life so we can earn a little more cash to support our very modest lifestyle.

The truth is, our day jobs simply can't allow us to save up and we are not talking about having a kiddo yet, but oh-my-God, the expenses for just the two of us already leave us with critical cash level every month. Maximum we can save up is probably RM100 and at this rate, we'd probably plan to start a family 25 years later. By that time, I'd be 50 and he'd be 53.

So, with the chances of demanding higher salary at -100%, the only way we can earn extra income is by offering freelance expertise. To start, we need Internet access at home to find freelance jobs.

But after waiting for Streamyx service at our brand new living area for months, we gave up hope that TMNet would ever notice our dire needs for Internet access so we start looking at other options. 3G seems the most viable (albeit at a higher cost).

However, that means we have to put up a slightly higher investment to get a good 3G phone with certain criterias that would enable two laptops to connect to Internet at the same time. Huh? Can ah? Dunno la. I have to depend on my husband's extensive knowledge on this sort of stuff to find out which phone models with that capability. Once we get the service, we'll know for sure whether this is possible or not.

So, we agreed to pool our resources (meaning he paid half and I paid half) to buy this very canggih phone. This weekend, we will sign up a 3G broadband service and see how this new hand phone live up to our expectations.

>> Hmm... need to get a part-time job fast since I'm saving up for something in May. Hopefully, this will work.