Yesterday I came down with a splitting headache on the left side of my temple. It's probably due to the straint on my poor, poor eyes. During office hours, I'd be staring non-stop at the monitor doing poster design / newsletter publishing. I spent one whole day cracking my head over the newsletter layout, testing & re-testing sending the newsletter via email to my various Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook email accounts. The layout kejap lari2, font tukar2, itu ini. Aiyaah... No thanks to my lack of IT and web design knowledge. I was a human resources graduate, ok? I only married a programming expert. If only we can also swap knowledge base during exchange of marriage vows. I'd be a web expert as well then.

Anyway, after a hard day's work I will spend the night in front of my laptop unwinding my nerves playing computer games. No wonder my eyes couldn't take it anymore! Poor, poor darlings.

Today, there seems to be a lot of things to be done but my tired self couldn't even think of where to begin. I'm like, lost. So many things to do but nowhere to begin with.

The fact that my boss is discussing the outcome of American Idol last night instead of giving us clear, specific directions on how to achieve our growing list of tasks doesn't help with the thinking process either. Instead, I feel that my brain is killing itself slowly.

Like, hellooooo?? Do we have something to accomplish by next month OR NOT?