I wanna go back to France! I miss France so much! I miss Paris! I miss Caines! I miss Monaco! I miss taking the dingy Metro! I miss quatre fromage pizza!


Unfortunately though, makcik is still stuck here at work.


The day after I vented my frustration at my company, I tendered my resignation letter. My boss wasn’t too surprised because we had talked, schemed and even discussed deeply about how we will quit from this ‘neraka’ as what my friend Jen described her previous company :p He asked when is it most likely for me to pluck up my courage & inform the most-feared Trump about my decision to leave the company. I asked to give me some time to prepare myself for the ‘storm’ that Trump will create.


When it comes to Trump’s reaction, I am wise enough to know that I have to be fully prepared mentally, emotionally & physically for that. I tell you, Trump is scary not just because he can shout, but the mere presence of him will bring fear to your heart even before you know who he is. He is definitely scarier than me when I’m in my foullest mood.


However, before I can put my plan into action, a friend earnestly talked me out of this. She pointed out that why, after three quarter of the year slogging myself over work like gila, I want to pass up the chance of getting annual bonus? Shouldn’t I wait for a couple of months to receive the bonus which will come Raya time, to at least compensate for the work-like-want-to-die situations I’ve put myself through? Then only, after safely securing the bonus in my account, I can hand in my resignation letter?


‘Friend, I know you cannot tahan already but you deserve that annual bonus ok. So hang on for a couple more months ye, makcik. Mana tau ko boleh dapat performance bonus gak. Lagi berbaloi… anyway, I advise you friend, if you want to leave, might as well leave richer.’


Am I not lucky to have this kind of friend?


So, I heeded her advice and retracted my letter. In the meantime, I can only take a deeeeeeepppppp breath and hang on. Hang on for dear life. 2 bulan lagi. 2 bulan lagi… 2 bulan lagi…