There's something wrong with the place I work with.

We worked ourselves to a point of oblivion, of unlimited exhaustion, through sleepless nights and hunger - for the sake of this company.

What did the company repay us with?

A pat in the back? A note of approval? 'Well done, guys!' remarks? A toast to our efforts? A 'thank you' speech? Anything to acknowledge what we have done to suffer our mental, emotional and physical health?

I tell you all this. All of it. No. Let me stress that out. NOOOOOOO.

What we got instead were:

1. 'I was never informed. That was a stupid plan. That was a stupid way to make decision. I was not involved.' --> by the A***** manager. Oh great. And what was the reason I updated him and all other managers in their stupid morning meetings? To pass the time? Because I like attending their hot air meetings?

2. 'Nothing for the committee. It's part of their jobs to carry out this event.' I may not end up in HR after spending 4 years studying motivation, team work, all those HR ideologies - but I still keep this firmly in mind.

Why does UTM, a university that focused on engineering studies, have HR as part of its faculties? Because HR, is an engineering of a different kind. HRD (a.k.a training & human development) is about human engineering. Human resource is the most valuable resource a company has, but most often, the most neglected. When a machine breaks down, most companies spare no expenses to fix it. But when staff breaks down, nothing is done to improve the situation.

I'm not asking for a plaque each for everyone. Neither am I pushing for monetary rewards. I'm asking for meals for the committee. A t-shirt as a way to acknowledge that they are in-charge. Nothing of this sort was approved. Because the company does not want to waste. Is this considered wastage?

3. 'I want this to be done annually.' (Ask the committee to do this again. without any rewards) This is the biggest problem I have with this company. Good job, is rewarded with, well, more work.

You know what? Do it yourself. I'm done and through with the company's attitude. I think the management doesn't understand their staff, nor do they care much about us. I'm so over with slaving myself for nothing.

I'm quitting.

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