It's 2 am. I can't sleep. My husband has long ago bid adios and sail off to Slumberland.

I've been doing a bit of research on our end-of-month trip. Do the locals speak English? Do they have good public transport? Do we have to bring warm clothings? Is the hotel far from the city centre? Never mind the fact that I will be stuck in conference rooms for most of the time we are there. I need to know how the metro works and look up local language's pronunciations because I was informed that most of them no hablan Ingl├ęs.

Oh, yes. And I fret about the expenses too. Not mine, but his. My trip is fully-sponsored. His is not. God knows we have stretched our budget to beyond comfort level this month. I do hope that we will recover next month so we can pay off some of the expenses. I seriously have got to be serious about getting a job that pays higher salary.

Take a deep, slow breath. Think about the exciting part. We are going to do this and take the time to enjoy our first long trip together. Who knows that this will be the last year we have the opportunity to challenge the ordinary and live life to the fullest (and to our hearts' contents!) Because if I listen hard enough, I can already hear my biological clock starts ticking. Faintly.