A friend of mine is getting married soon and she's asked me about my experience of being a married girl lady *walioweh, married 2 years only already become marriage consultant!

So, here's the edited version (and some replies are fabricated to make the conversation more interesting) of our very long, in-depth and totally no point of order required. I'm so proud - the rakyats (meaning me & my friend) behave better than the MPs!

Friend: Eh, in Islam how ah, being a wife?
Me: Must listen to hubby lor... Everything must ask permission from hubby. He's the CEO in Marriage, Inc.
Friend: Ha, really? Sounds very submissive hor.
Me: But he got more responsibilities lor... Must work, pay the bills, household, clothes, give wife allowance, if wife too tired to do house chores, he gotta pay for the maid lor. Wife just take care the kids and his 'needs'.
Friend: You mean, the kaler-kaler wan izit? Hahaha!
Me: Eh, clever girl! Not even married already know so much huh?
Friend: But wives nowadays also work wat?
Me: Ha lah, but wife no obligation to support the family.... If she works coz she wants to help hubby pay bills, she gets more bonus points faster redeem for ticket to heaven lor.
Friend: Hahaha! Like that izit? Too bad my soon-to-be-hubby believes in equality when it comes to money... when I pay first and want to claim later, he said no need la, like taking money from one pocket into the other wan...
Me: Ya lor, his money is my money, my money is my money. Eh, God so clever wan! Gives men CEO position coz men likes power, gives us the money coz we love shopping!

So, to wives out there, if fast-fast want to go to heaven, don't spend all the salary on new shoes / bags / clothes / makeups. Help hubby to settle the housing loan too! ((This message goes to yours truly))

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