Tonight is a hot night.

Phew! Not only because we did something hot, but because it is really hot, literally. That is why I have to get up and guzzle more water, another process I have to endure under my food change regime. While I'm struggling to down 2 litres of water at one sitting, I might as well update my blog.

Remember my posting about how I am diagnosed with PCOS?

The good news is, now I can stop blaming myself for weight gain over the past years! *pumps fist in the air!

It is all because of this PCOS, bad PCOS! It sorts of messed up with my hormones and somehow, my body can't seem to handle stress as well as other normal persons which then led to lower metabolic rate, resistance to insulin, increase in appetite, yada2x...

The not so good news is, PCOS sufferers also have more male hormones in their body! Like, hmm.... (garu chin as if I had beard) excess hair growth, acne problems, etc.? (Although I assure you, that I have yet the need to shave my legs)

Why can't I have more of the good male hormones, like their metabolism and stamina?

Is that why I am so ambitious, so competitive and aggressive when it comes to delivering my objectives, like a sportsman on steroid?

Anyway, PCOS alone is my number 1 reason to combat weight problem. Although, the whole thing is actually chicken-and-egg issue... which comes first? The weight, or the symptoms? Somehow, the blame game has to stop and mind has to take control over body.


Read more on PCOS here.

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