It's been almost a week since I started orientation week and thank God, except for a little, nondescript creature, the rest has been pretty okay. After work on Monday, Hubby sent me straight to Bangi and then I checked in the training centre and was told that I had to share hotel room with 3 other girls.

Initially I was quite upset because I preferred twin-sharing, but after meeting my roommates, I thanked God that I got a quad-sharing room. They are a really pleasant, chirpy bunch of people and we got along well.

We spent the whole week learning about the organization, the value, culture, etc. which I had already learnt by myself for the past 5 months I started work there. But it is quite interesting to learn the story behind each significant milestones, furthermore our facilitator is a good story-teller.

Last night, we didn't have any program to do so I took the commuter back to KL to (yeaay!) meet Hubby. And tonight, he checked in a small, cheap hotel in Bangi so we could spend a few hours together again. Sungguh la sweet Suami Terchenta ku ini.

I think that's now for today, tomorrow will be another early day for me until early next month. G'nite, folks!