Last week we celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Cameron Highland. It was a fabulous trip (minus the throwing up part). That will be the last time we go to Cameron Highland via Tapah *shudder. We'll try the other, less traumatic route (Simpang Pulai).

Well, I'd like to talk about that trip, but unfortunately I have to pack my stuffs to go to another trip - to Kuantan this time :) My department is having an away day the whole of this weekend. So I'll be out of town again for the 2nd week in a row this month.

Next week, we'll be in Johor & Singapore (hopefully) pulak. This month turns out to be travelling month for me (hurray for the fuel price reduction!) and I really enjoy being on the road for a change! :)

Gotta go, guys. Gotta pack my stuffs!

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