This morning, as I whizzed past by Johor Bahru city at the speed of 130km/h, I was suddenly reminded that I owed my dear-rie friends - Ainie & Jen, of the Fab3 reunion story which I promised to blog about eons ago. Before New Year stormed in and the story slowly sinks in the river of Time, I might as well update the story here and NOW :p

When Ainie told us that she was coming to KL last month, we arranged for a reunion on the spot. Jen & Ainie had not met for the past 1 year and I had not had a girl outing for... *the sounds of crickets chirping* ... urm, never mind.

We met at the Italiannies, at Midvalley. Jen was late, which was unusual for 'Ms. Single Jen' but not so unusual for 'Mdm. About-to-get-hitch Jen'. Ainie and I had ordered lunch and ate our way to the large helping of the Italian food we ordered. When she came, both Jen and Ainie immediately launched into their 'bian mode' (e.g. 'Jen, you looked so slim, I want to eat you!') and I laughed because it was so typical of both of them. If only Survivor joined us, it would be even more hilarious.

Ainie, being Retail Executive in-charge of a soon-to-come shopping mall back in Johor (the shopping mall which Trump let me picked its name among a few suggestions! I soo can't wait for it to happen because hey, it's not every day you get to choose the name of a shopping mall!), knew a contact from Co**ee B*an and he said we can get our chilled ice-blended coffee on the house (ON THE HOUSE, I tell you), and after Jen finished detailing the reason she was held up, we moved our chitchat session to CB outlet for our free caffeinated drinks.

It was indeed a chitchat marathon, because you wouldn't believe how many stories are waiting to be unloaded after a period of two years! The stories changed at such furious pace that one minute we were talking about this subject, the other minute, we were already in the middle of another topic entirely. And every few minutes, one of us would sigh and say, 'I miss you girls.I miss US.'

We only ended our girl outing when both Mr. Jen and Mr Junaidix called to tell us 'Time's up! Time to go back and fix dinner!' (Men are such spoilsports). Before we left, these are some of the photos taken on that day:

Girls, we really should do this more often :) See you guys at Jen's wedding this week!