Lately my blog has been off the list, not that I was busy. Noo.. I was plain lazy. I'm this close of shutting down the blog forever and ever amen, but I know deep down I still love writing down chronicles of my life for the eyes of blog readers world-wide. Only thing is, like Amy pointed out, work has slowly and painfully killed our passion for blogging. After spending 12 hours staring at the monitor @ work, blogging is the last thing we want to do.

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Anyway, let's catch up with what I had been occupied with over the past few weeks. Last 3 weeks, my brother had his convocation and my mom & sister came from Sarawak to attend it. However, yours truly could not take leave because I had to attend an important meeting on the day. So, Suami Terchenta took his replacement leave and escorted them to my bro's convo instead.


Ahahahaha! What a way to scare off my brother.

My brother. Ada sesiapa mau jadi adik ipar saya?

After the convocation (of which I missed a lot of jokes and a lot of memories! Boohoohoo!), we headed to Cameron Highland. This was actually our Mother's Day treat for my mom since she was always asking me when would I take her to Cameron Highland. Since 5 years ago ok.

I almost missed the trip because (what else?) of work. Work, work, work! Haiyo, don't know when work will end. I did not sleep the whole night and forced my younger sister to help me check info and stuffs while I keyed in new data. Sampai saat2 terakhir, I was still sending out emails until Suami Terchenta forced me to take the bloody laptop and sent out email in the car instead.

Seronok, hor? On the way to holiday also still working?

So understandably, my mood was not so cheerful and I started to mengomel2 in the car. WHY ARE YOU DRIVING SO SLOW ONE? WHY IS THAT CAR DRIVING SLOW ALSO? HOW COME BRO SESAT WHEN WE TOLD HIM SPECIFICALLY NOT TO EXIT THAT WAY? Blablablabla all the way to Simpang Pulai and then I fell asleep. Walla, my family finally had some peace in the car!

Until I woke up as we were reaching Cameron Highland and started a fresh tirade of mengomel in the car until my mother said, 'Eh go back to sleep la! It was so much more peaceful while you were asleep!'

Ok lah. Barulah aku shut up. Sampai la kami ke Cameron Highland dengan jayanya dan amannya.

Our room @ Century Pine Resort. Heaven, so big mah! Will definitely stay this hotel again next time we go to Cameron

We had connecting rooms at the hotel and we simply loved the fact that the rooms were spacious! 6 persons weren't a problem. The bed can accommodate 3 persons on it. Seorang kenalah tido di atas sofa. My advise to anyone who wants to stay here - you'll get cheaper rates if you booked online :)

My mom (blessed her heart!) had thoughtfully packed some home-made nasi briyani (she always cooks nice food when she's around) and we had that prior to going out. When we stepped out of the room, we loved the cool mountain air even though it's afternoon. So apa lagi, food-hunting began!

My sister - 'I love this pillow! I love this pillow! I wanna bring back to my hostel!'

The trip to Cameron Highland would not be complete without a visit to their famous tea plantation:

Trying out our skills of becoming English - scones with fresh cream and jam & butter, and Grey Earl tea

After tea-time, off we went down to the tea plantation:

Hmm... How did they figure out that tea can be made from these leaves?

When we got bored of tea, we decided to go to the strawberry farm and bought chocolate-coated strawberry. Just the thought sent me off into chocs-arrest!

Ini strawberry yang saya petik.

Unfortunately, we were a bit too late - they ran out of chocolate sauce and we had to settle for strawberry with ice cream instead:

Ahh... strawberry with vanilla ice-creams and chocolate rice sprinkles...

But, the chance was not foregone entirely, because when we visited the pasar malam, we managed to buy PLENTY of strawberry with chocolate! :)

And some cutesy trinkets for our study / work tables:

Cheap! We love those trinkets

The next day after breakfast, we sempat cam-whoring on the bed prior to checking out of the hotel:

My sister, mother and moi

Lepas tu, apa lagi. A visit to the nursery is a MUST for my flowers-loving mother!

Mom said that she was hoping someone was looking for a gardener so she could continue staying at Cameron Highland

While Mom enjoyed looking and touching those flowers, my siblings pulak continued cam-whoring:

Let's take each other's photos...

Finally, at 1++pm, we made our way back to the lowland, and zoomed off to KL (sedeynya vacationku sudah tamat!). They continued to stay at JW Marriott Putrajaya instead (where we had a very very expensive buffet dinner) while we went back to return Kak Retna's car, si Putih. Hehehe. Thanks to Kak Retna, for lending her car to us in times of desperate need! :)

Itulah kesah vacation kami sekeluarga di Cameron Highland:

Family photo before leaving Cameron Highland

Hmm... next month my parents-in-law will be visiting us and we are still thinking of the ideal location to bring them. Since Mother (in law) suffers slight motion sickness, we don't think she'll enjoy the ride to Cameron Highland or any other places far away from KL... Any idea, guys?

Will blog on my balik kampung some other time! :)

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