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Everyone who follow my blog dilligently surely knows that I love seaside vacations. We always go to some islands for our vacations - Tioman, Pangkor, Manukan. Perhaps some day we'll reach Perhentian or Redang, Insya Allah.

So, if I love seaside so much, I must be a pretty good swimmer right? The answer is...


I almost drowned during my first honeymoon trip with Suami Terchenta at Tioman Island. The experience was terrifying and since then, I was pretty phobic in the water alone. Suami Terchenta had to hold my hand the WHOLE TIME while we both were in the water.

But since I love water so much (but scared I might drown again), I decided that I should go for swimming lessons. I had been contemplating the idea since last year, and finally I signed up for it with a close friend of mine - I mean, she becomes my swimming instructor.

Kalau nak pergi swimming, haruslah pakai swimming suit kan? Hahaha! Kalau pakai tudung takkan nak pakai bikini kan? 😝 Sekiranya saya pakai bikini, bukan setakat macam nangka kena balut, tapi Suami Terchenta will kill me 18 times! Non-stop! Then forbid me to ever step out of the house!

Therefore, I have to be modest and cover a bit la, suitable as being a Moslem. So, I browsed through the Internet and came across islamicbajurenang.blogspot run by Matus. Her swimsuit collection not only fulfills the dress code of Moslem women, but also quite affordable compared to to other sites I visited. Some more, she has gorgeous floral but sporty collection!

Matus was quick in delivering the swimsuit and I had fun posing for it here! :

Tadah! Meet the swimsuit model! Eh, notice or not I wear terbalik one! Never mind la, first time mah!

Can't wait for my swimming lesson next week! =)

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