Most people treat weekend as a relaxing time.

Not me. Not Jen. Certainly not our hubbies!

You see, we are two evil ladies who have gotten a taste of S&M and got no heart wan! We asked our hubbies to sacrifice their sleep and go hiking on their rest day!

Ooh... two sadist wives! There they were, the two culprits feigning sweetness & innocence:

Kawaii or not...?

Rupa2nya, ada udang di sebalik batu.

We started to climb the steep slope going up the hill to the canopy walkway. The most senseless thing we noted was, we could not go up the walkway because the ticketing counter only opens at 9.30am! Who would climb up at that time? Not us.

Just about to start climbing

The thing about FRIM that I love is the majestic view of the tree top as seen from below:

Maybe this is how the Old Forest in LOTR looks like, before one of the Ents bends down, picks you up and gobbles you.

Jen & MK were caught by surprise and fast-fast, they whipped out a camera to shoot the amazing view:

'I thought, what la, you point upwards... Ingat got tahi burung about to drop on us.'

As we started to climb the well-trodden path of the jungle, Suami Terchenta started to take more photos to forget his miserable conditions of being forced to go against gravity, and MK started to re-consider the idea of climbing Mount Kinabalu, while both of us continued our talk-a-thon non-stop:

Jen & I still spouting off our mouths, 'Blablablabla...'

In fact, we were the only two hikers who tried our hardest to make sound pollution while other hikers were just concentrating to climb / go down in silence & in one piece.

I never met anyone who was more talkative than Jen.

Everybody was happy when we reached the canopy walkway. Especially Jen's hubby.

Still talking even while resting

After 15 minutes of resting and a whole conversation of durians later, we continued our journey, this time going down the hill. It took us probably 15 minutes to go down.

We took a respite and enjoyed the sight of waterfall and little kiddos dipping their feet in the cool water.

The signage shows that we had walked / climbed approximately 2km from where we started (the mosque):

Suddenly we spotted this bunting:

'Eh, alang2 we're here, let's visit this place! It's only 15mins walk from here.'

Who knows we kena tipu? Unless you walk like the Ents, it actually took us 30mins to reach that place.

But we did not mind so much, especially we got to spend another 30mins talking talking talking:

Walking down the memory lane...

Occasionally we stopped to gaze contentedly at the wind-blown leaves falling off the tree:

I also love the open space between trees and ground covered in fallen leaves. One could not help thinking 'Bollywood!' when one comes across this:

We called this tree, the army tree:

Guess why leh?

Finally we reached the Malay Tea House:

There was a lot of antique items and actually, the place is not so bad. Even I won't mind working here because I can go to work with the same outfit I sleep in:

10 minutes later, we ordered these for our first breakfast:


Aiskrim potong!

You may wonder why I said 'first breakfast'. We had our 'second breakfast' at a mamak restaurant later on. Why?

That's why! The sago gula melaka costs RM3.50 and my aiskrim potong costs RM3!

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable time hiking with Jen. Time flew so fast and we hardly felt exhausted even though we almost always ran out of breath due to our super active lips exercise!

Jen, let's do this again some day:


  1. Wah..bestnyer..skali skala jungle tracking ok per.... enjoy...:D

  2. salam carney,

    need help for my fieldwork.
    ko keje as HR kan? in which co ye?
    im looking for manufacturing co yg listed in the FMM.
    need to interview HR exec & web survey for engineers.
    kalau boleh, giv me ur email add so that i can fwd to u the details of my research.

    aku balik end july-end aug for fieldwork


  3. yuuuhhuuuuu!!! bila nak update ni?

  4. Kak shiemz --> hehe. memang sgt best, klu dpt pegi hari2 gerenti kurus! :)

    husna --> insya Allah, i'll try.

    diyanazman --> Hehe. Sorry, just came back from a short blogging break :p btw, nice entry abt rio ferdinand ;)


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