Dear Khayla,

Sorry that this took me so long to post. I had been keeping this entry as draft for too long and now you turned seven months already! Sorry, sweetie-pie. Guess last month was pretty hectic for Mommy, what with crazy work schedule and even crazier study and assignment and stuffs. Phew! Plus, there were sad things that happened last month and Mommy felt really down about it. But, nevertheless I owe you this one, baby. So here goes, a late 'letter' to you:

Last month you turned six months old, baby. I'm so proud to say that you have been exclusively breastfed since day one. Now who says breastfed babies are skinny? They should take a look at you.



You turning six months old should be a cause for celebration. Plus, June was my birthday too. Mommy turned 29 - it was supposed to be my year. The year I have an adorable little girl in my life, who completes my life, like, totally and awesomely.

But that month, something tragic happened. After barely a month after he got stroke, Tok Ayeng passed away peacefully at Nek Ngah's place. It is sad that you will never get the chance to know your great-grandpa, sweetie. God has decided that it's time for Tok Ayeng to return to Him after 80+ years in this world. What saddens me the most is he left us on my birthday. We were also not there with him when he left us suddenly and unexpectedly. From now, each time I turn a year older I will remember the demise of Tok Ayeng.


Tok Ayeng was the most loving grandfather who cared about his grandchildren very much. Even on his deathbed, when I brought you to see him the sight of you brightened him up. You are his first great-granddaughter, and he remembered that by giving you a gold ring when you were born, as that is Melanau custom. He loved you until the end - God knows that and so do I. Baby, you are lucky to have met Tok Ayeng before he passed away. At least in that sense, I was really grateful that you came along when he was still alive although I wished that you had more time to spend and love your great-grandfather.

In loving memory with Tok Ayeng...

Last month also you learned to move around in your walker. Finally, FINALLY your little feet can reach the floor and you could move yourself forward. Well, not all the time moving forward though. Sometimes you go backward or sideway. When that happened, we call you our little Mr Crab from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. Not that you give a hoot coz you don't watch cartoons. In fact, you show zero interest in television because you can't stuff them in your mouth nor can you throw it across the room.

Yes, at this stage you only show a keen interest in anything that your tiny hands can lift and shove in your mouth, or anything that you can throw. What's up with this throwing things by the way? Why couldn't we play with your nice colourful rattle rings without any of them hurled across the room? No, you insist on throwing them to see how far they could go and how often Mommy will get up to get them for you. At 6-month old, this is the game that amuse you and you know I couldn't say no when you turn to me with a beseeching look whenever you throw stuffs on the floor and expecting them to be picked up only to be thrown again. Hmmph.

Ooops... Khayla dropped toy again Mommy... Pweez...

Another thing about you that is oh-so-delightful is what a social creature you are. You simply do not mind other people, and you love showing the charming side of you. No matter who greets you, be it another family member you barely see (like my elder sister, your Wa Liza), or perfect strangers who love asking to carry you because you are irresistible, you always bestow such friendly and 100-gigaWatt grin at them. Ever since you have recognised faces, you are not stingy with smiles and we your parents have always been stopped by strangers who happened to see you smiling at them.

Keep on smiling my baby, my cuppy-cake and pumpkin-pie.



  1. Ye dia dh beso, tp still manja, suka merengek dan tak leh hilangkan Mak dia klu tak dia meraung! :p


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