Yet another late post from Mommy to Khayla. May you enjoy reading this some day :)


Dear Khayla,

Happy 7 months old, baby! Oh God, she grows up too fast! How I wish you remain 6 months old for the next two years :p you are so much fun right now little one, that Mommy is reluctant to see you grow up :(

The past one month, you are finally allowed to eat more than just baby cereal. You had mostly puréed fruits, occasional sips of soy milk and Milo (because you grabbed my cup when I was drinking and tried to drink from it too) and orange juice (made from freshly squeezed orange, of course). You learn to love mashed banana and puréed sweet potato, but you hate puréed apple, much to my surprise. After all, there was this phase during my early pregnancy that I could not stomach anything but apple. Apple was the food that sustained me when everything else was thrown up due to my raging pregnancy hormone. That means, apple is very much in your DNA code, baby.

You also found avocado too peculiar for your Asian taste bud, that after only 2 spoons (that came out from your mouth again), you snubbed the puréed avocado totally. Even when I tried to mix them with your cereal, you still hate it. But the baby biscuit! Ye God! To you, that is probably the best thing that ever happened to your life! Something that you can hold in your hands, stuff in your mouth, taste the sweetness and then when you are full, you can make a mess with it. Definitely the best part of the whole biscuit eating experience. Not that we mind that much though. Usually we only doll out the biscuit when we are on a long journey that requires you to be strapped to the car seat. You can get fully preoccupied with your biscuit the whole journey.

This month, you went to Johor for the first time together with Mommy and Mak Yeng. Did I tell you how much you love Mak Yeng? When Mak Yeng arrived from Bintulu to babysit you during my meeting trip, your face shone in sheer delight. You were in VERY cheerful mood throughout Mak Yeng's stay. Perhaps the fact that you don't have to go to the nursery makes you feel that happy. Anyway, I wished we can have Mak Yeng over more often kan, sayang?

Of all the things that I can proudly say that you got it from me is your speech ability. Sure you can't talk yet, let alone argue with me on why your bedtime should be extended to 2am, but ever since turning 7 months, you are a master of noises and babbles - you shriek when you are in a good mood or the opposite and you can babble all day long in gibberish that only you can understand.

Pretending to brush invisible teeth

But the thing that I still could not get over with is amidst those babbles, the first comprehensible word that you utter is 'Bapak' (Daddy). I felt so betrayed, baby! You love Daddy so much that your first ever word should be 'Daddy' instead of 'Mommy'. As if Daddy was the one having vomit party for the first four months of your life and having backache from carrying you for 9 months. Hmm.

Calling out for Daddy

Something that never changed is how much I love you, sweetheart. When you fall asleep in my arms and as I cradle you, I remember the day you came into my life and life is never the same again. I now look forward to every day of my life because you are now a large part of it.

After bath giggles

Love you in every single ways,

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