Dear Khayla,

In more or less 12 hours from now, you will turn 8 months old. That is equivalent to the time I gained 15kgs and a terrible mood to match. I was so looking forward to a trip to the delivery room because I got bored with my pregnancy.

Now let's discuss about a few things that happened in our lives over the past one month. Beginning with the appearance of two pearly white teeth that have made our lives so miserable and you leaking fountains of tears with their appearance.

The white pearls that gave us so much misery...

It just so happened that while you were busy sprouting tooth, I was busy with my final exam and those two events did not see eye to eye. Or at least, you don't want to see eye to eye with my exam timetable. You demanded to be picked up, nursed and comforted ALL the time by none other than Mommy. It is as if your favourite person in the house, Daddy is now re-legated to second place when painful and miserable events take place in your world.

Suddenly you changed personality overnight, from a sweet-natured and independent baby to a cranky little monster who clings to Mommy whenever Mommy is in sight. Even when I was studying in the study room, you stood outside the door in your mobile walker, crying the house down for me to come and comfort you (and then offer you my boob to soothe those teething pain).

Happy baby before the teeth came out...

I shall always remember that those teeth were responsible for me getting only a B+. No kidding. I could hardly study in peace as you wrenched my book away because it was in the way between you and the solution to all your misery - my boobs.

Khayla trying to take away my textbook

Teething aside, there is still something good that happened this month as you learned to sit unaided. Sure, the first two or three trials ended up with you falling backward, sideways and fell flat on your face, thus eliciting more tears and wails together with red bumps for a couple of days. But those are the risks that you had to take on your way to achieve independence.

Sitting has somewhat compensated the fact that you have to endure teething, and boy, did you enjoy your play times more now that you have a pair of hands to reach out and examine toys?

Making video call with Grandpa

But I tell you cupcake, the moment you could sit by yourself, I quickly filled up one of the kitchen sink with warm tepid water and plonked you inside. Ah! You have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that, and that was the main reason why I insisted to get a double-sink - to give you a bath in the deep kitchen sink! :P

Happily playing with toys while taking evening bath

A couple of a weeks ago, while Mommy, Aunty Jen and Aunty Aini were swapping stories on you, WJ and little Izz, I was a bit worried that you might be a late bloomer when it comes to crawling. WJ and Izz were crawling / bergolek-golek at such early age - 6 and 7 months old respectively. You however prefer to zoom around in your mobile walker. Any attempts at getting you used to being on your tummy that will later help you to learn to creep / crawl will be met with terrible shrieks and a few dramatic tears of anger. You are already showing the diva side of you at such a young age!

So it was a big surprise to both Mommy and Daddy that you eventually decided to start creeping on 11 August 2011, to be precise at 9pm. Of course, I had to be near you because you hate losing me (clingy, remember?) and I had to lie down so it won't give the impression that I was leaving. So both of us were lying down in front of the TV, you suddenly flipped over and then started to push both your legs and pulling your body to reach for your toys. Daddy and I started to cheer for you and giving you encouragement to reach for your toys.

No more worries. You are developing at the right age and time, and I should respect and even be thankful for that.

Be happy and be safe, baby.

Love always,

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