One of the great things about Eid celebration in Malaysia is it can last for the whole month, equivalent to the number of days we fast during Ramadhan. It's nothing to do with religious obligation, it's just we Malaysians will find any excuse to feast on mouth-watering dishes especially when they are FREE! But more importantly, that's how we bond with each other. Over succulent lemang and scrumptious cookies, we catch up with each others' lives and share juicy gossips as juicy as the tender chicken rendang because this kind of opportunity rarely presents itself during other non-festive months where everybody is busy with their own career.

Likewise, our bunch of friends (fondly known as Geng Kamie) are also finding this the perfect excuse to meet again and celebrate Eid together. To tell the truth, the initial plan was just to have a simple tea of banana fritters or cucur ikan bilis at Kak Retna's place, while we help to finish her Hari Raya cookies (or what's left of them).

So last Sunday at 4pm, right after attending our neighbour's open house event, we straightaway drove to her place with a container-full of piping hot anchovy fritters (cucur ikan bilis) that we almost burnt in our hurry to reach her place (which is just 10 minutes away!) and some cookies that our neighbour gave. Little did we expect that Kak Ret, Kak Diella and Sodep went all out to prepare all these yummy dishes for us:

Clock-wise: Nasi himpit, sayur lodeh, Hari Raya cookies, sambal sotong, bihun goreng, cucur ikan bilis and lemang. Makanan banyak, orang nya sikit je nak perabis! (Photo credit: Sodep)

Chef and host of the day, Kak Retna! Bertuah bakal suami kan, Kak Ret, kan?? Hahahaha! (Photo credit: Kak Retna)

In fact, when we came, they were still busy cooking so while waiting, we watched TV while Khadeeja busied herself with some new toys that actually belong to Kak Retna's nephews:

Suka sangat dengan lori bancuh simen ni! (Photo credit: Kak Retna)

As usual, we like to take photos of us eating, lebih-lebih lagi aku yang pakai baju raya sakan ni la:

Oh slim nya aku dalam gambar ni padahal badan cam anak badak je! (Photo credit: Sodep)

Naz came a bit later with her boyfriend and she brought ice-cream and Dunkin Donut for dessert. Apa lagi, sambung melantak la kiteorang!

Potpetpotpetpotpet sampai anak aku pun kena sumbat dengan nasi himpit! Kak Diella ternganga tengok makanan sakan tak hengat! (Photo credit: Kak Retna)

At 9pm, we decided that was it for the day. Apatah lagi, since Sodep launched into ghost stories (The Conjuring and Mama, and he can really tell a story sampai laki aku mengigau malam tu!), and we don't exactly feel like driving back with extra 'passenger'. Hahahaha!

One last picca, the end of Hari Raya entries this year!

Geng Kamie selamanya! (Photo credit: Kak Retna)


  1. haahahha kita pun baru nak start buat entry ni...
    patut semlm dah abs n publish tp last minit entry tergantung... ptg2 kang la sambung balik hahaha...

    thanks for coming..
    n hope our friendship last forever..

    psstt gosip! gosip! hahaha

    1. hahahaha! tulah takut entry jadi basi tu yg cepat2 karang dan publish :P

      yg paling best mengimbau kenangan silam kan. Kiteorg ni betul2 ketinggalan keretapi hahahaha!


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