Ok la. Aku kene stop jap citer pasal raya. Sebab ada banyak lagi chapter raya yang tak citer tapi aku rasa tak ramai org nak baca pasal korang pun mesti sibuk nak citer pasal hari raya korang! Betul tak? ;) hehe.
Everytime I go blog-hopping to somebody else's blogs, I noted that 8 out of 10 people moan about the post-raya effect. The collective agreement is this:
1. It's a drag coming back to work.
2. So sad that I have such a short raya.
3. Work is boring.
4. I feel like changing job (that comes from Noush's :p Hehe)
There's nothing wrong with complaining about post-raya. If I'm not too cheerful nowadays, I think I would complain non-stop too. I mean, not that I looovvveee my job so much that I'm looking forward to each day coming to work. In fact, the first greet to 'Welcome back to the office, Carneyz' got my reply, 'Yes, yes. In hell once again. Exciting, isn't it?'
Comes Raya, there'll be lotsa wedding invitations coming ur way (it's almost a custom for Malaysians, I believe). So far, I've received 4 and attended one in Raub (but I'll tell about that later). The Raub trip was especially great as I got to reunite with my dear ol' friends including my best friends, Haiza, Bib & Anip Poyo.
And ada jugak perkara yang takkan sama lagi seperti sebelum raya. Hmm. Aku cuma berharap semuanya akan berakhir dengan baik, untuk dia dan untuk aku sendiri. Untuk apa yang aku doakan sepanjang Ramadhan lepas, biarlah apa yang aku putuskan nih ialah jalan yang terbaik. You have always been there for me. Thank you. For everything and every moment.

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