The meeting will take place tomorrow at 9 am. Hopefully, Trump will not change the presentation. For the moment, I'm tired + hungry. My stomach rumbled a few times throughout the day. My brain:

'Oy! Dah la tak tido, tak makan plak tu??! You'd better earn RM100K per month salary to compensate for this penderaan, tau??!'

Penderaan? Talking about penderaan, I remembered my last weekend. Jen, Ainie & I were hitching a ride in Chairman's BMW. Dah la tumpang kereta dia, pastu mendera dia pulak tu.

'Pinch him, Jen.' (Ainie from the front seat)
'Can aah?' (Jen, sitting right behind the driver's seat)
'I thot you're the one with 'tangan ketam'? (Carneyz from behind Ainie)
'No. Jen pinches harder.' (Ainie)
'I pinch aah?' (Jen)
'.... (These crazy girls! $#@%! Chairman in his mind)
'.... SAKIT LAH!' (Chairman finally yelled)

Can you imagine that? All we had to go through to get him to speak? (terbalik pulak, not all he has to go through when he was with us) We have a recording of Chairman's voice, anybody? Bidding starts at RM1. All copyright go to Ainie. The Gila Kuasa.

Fast track to this week. From Monday until today, I attended meetings that lasted from 9.30am to as late as 6.30pm. Yesterday, as expected, kena bambu dengan Trump. Dah la kena bambu, boleh balas balik cakap dia.

'Why like this?'
'You said like that? Correct what?'
'No, I want it to be like this... bla2x...'
'Ok2x, I'll change later la.'

Suka2 aje ye, gaduh ngan CEO sendiri? Meh, cubit sket pipi yang chubby tu. My dad would have died in shame to have such an outspoken daughter like me. Tapi, aku kat rumah tak de ye. Anak yg wonderful, wonderful aje ;)

OK la. Nak balik dah ni. Ngantuks... zzzz...

'Carneyz! Waah! Like KL people now yeah?'
'Mana ader... Shut up, you! Shut up!'
'Waah... rude like one also...'

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