To dearest Jen,

We did that, like we used to do millions of times. We laughed together - you, me & Ainie. We cried. We told stories that happened, we cried. We laughed. We agreed it was the best thing that happened to us. Oh yes, it is.

'You guys are the first Malay friends I have.' you told us. Then you cried. We cried.

'And the craziest, right?' I interjected. You laughed. We laughed. We did that, me in KL, you & Ainie way back in JB. We spilt tears because you're leaving. You're leaving for good.

You kicked up the leaves and the magic is lost...

Jen dear-rie,

I remembered the first time we met. You & Ainie, giggling over the employment form. You wanted to put your status as 'Janda' because Ainie told so. Chairman & tried to scare you both by telling the awful things we had done in the one-week period we were there. But we all became insaparable after that, right? We were there lunch, dinner, bowling, and all. We joked, we b*tched, we chilled, we rocked, we washed cars, we travelled 100km in a night, then back. For fun. Those were the days.

Those days we usually crash at Ainie's place, watching tv, chitchatting, three of us in bed with me falling asleep first while you two continued you chit-chat-ton. And waking up to Ainie's wake-up calls, Aunty's cooking, you curled up in bed always last to use the bathroom, going to work listening to radio & talking about Chairman (again... why was it our conversation always ended up analysing that weird guy? I always think it was Ainie's fault). And then sighing and complaining why we always ended up talking about Chairman. Then starting again, and ending up the same way. Until Care Bear existed, then we talked finally we talked about someone other than Chairman.

Then we sort of fell out because of new people coming in. Chairman went his own way, we had disagreements, we didn't speak to each other, but you were always there. I can't thank you enough Jen. I was mean, but you were patient with me. I love you the most, because of this part of you.

Jen, last week was a walk to remember. As we strolled in Jusco, you, me & Ainie linked arms together. If only Survivor was with us. We bullied Chairman tirelessly. We forced Ainie to eat at Sushi King. I have not met anyone who loved sushi as much as I do, ever since Eva went back to hometown. You & I, we are mad about sushi. We can spend hours (but not ringgits) at Sushi King. Had all those heart-to-heart talk.

So much I wanted to talk about you, but I can't. I'm like that. I keep everything inside until it exploded and I'll miss you so bad. I'll miss our Ramadhan bazaar trips, hunting for nasi kerabu. I'll miss hours we chatted through the nite on the floor in my room at your house, or nights we spent in the office, complaining, oh so much I'll miss about you! Even after I moved here, whenever I need someone to talk to, I could always pick up the phone and call you. But I won't be able to now.

Every memory of walking in the terminal, I found the picture of us in office till 4 am, It's hard to say it, time to say it, Goodbye, goodbye...

P/S: When I see anything pink, I will always think about you. Take care, Jen. Ur the Miss Universe (a.k.a. Evil Queen).

Jen --> 'One more word...' Knife brandished at Ainie.