I am in a fixed situation.

One side is angry, the other side is hopeful. And I love them both.

The pressure is cracking me up. I hardly sleep for three days now, and when I sleep, I wake up so often because of angry people in my dreams.

I have been visiting tasik again. True, tasik is my sanctuary every time I am depressed. True, tasik UTM is still the best place. However, Tasik Titiwangsa will make do.

Sometimes, I bear a grudge against the hopeful one, because of this request, I am landed in this position. Serba-salah. Tapi tak sampai hati nak marah.

Sometimes, I feel wronged by the angry one, because I never intended to replace anybody with anyone. It's just a natural phase. Nature makes it this way. How come I am blamed for that? Tapi aku faham situasi dia.

At any time between these two, I just want to disappear from the earth's surface. Become a stone. A stone has no heart. No feelings. No predicament like mine.