My aunt is a secondary school teacher and on top of that, she frequently chairs most activities at her school. She teaches kids in the morning and gets involved in activities in the afternoon. Who says being a teacher is an easy job? I wouldn't want to be one unless they pay RM5K a month. Hehe.

Anyway, that leaves her no time to decorate her home for Hari Raya and no puns intended, to even tidy up. But whenever she has the time, she dedicates full energy into tidying up. I think the tidying up & organizing things habit run in the family. While I am more into physically arranging stuffs in orderly manner, my sister has the ability to organize people and events.
So in the two days that I was at her house, I took the time to help in whatever ways I could. I did laundry, hang the clothes dry while watching hens sunbathing with spread wings (I didn't know chickens like sunbathing before or maybe they are just showing off in front of me), swept and vacuumed the house, and forced my obliging brother to help me. There is no way a guy who has superior strength than mine gets to lounge about in front of tv while I sweat off doing house chores. Nuh-uh. Orang lelaki pun mesti buat kerja rumah. Ingat kiteorang ni orang gaji atau pembantu rumah ke?

At first I wanted to do the 'before & after effect' but if my aunt ever stumbled here, I think she'll be mortified so I'll just post the after effect. My aunt's house is divided into three areas - the living room area which stretches long instead of wide, the tv area and the kitchen. She likes furniture made of wood / mahogany. Lastly, her floor is made of white, big tiles. The kind that I like. This is how her living room looks like after my brother and I finished rearranging the furniture:

Luxurious look

In warm effect

When I'm in the mood, even the carpets have to be perfectly aligned together. Mental.

She said she bought this because she can't resist herself. Love at first sight punyer hal...

I'm not very good at taking photo yet but this is one of my favourite pix

A close-up

A view from top

There are a few more photos but I think these few already give you a good impression of how her living room looks like. Hehe.

We are going back to my kampung today and I will only update my blog after Hari Raya. So adios.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya and minta maaf zahir & batin! See you all after Hari Raya break.